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Offering Healing Touch & Distant Healing Sessions



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Currently NOT taking any Appointments


Astrid Radtke is a passionate but  gentle Reiki master. Her practice is currently located in the heart of the prestigious Preston Royal and Park Cities neighborhood in Dallas, Texas USA. Her healing practice attracts local clients, as well as clients from distant areas and different countries.  Distant Reiki sessions are high in demand for people who want to receive Reiki from Astrid, but who are not able to visit in person.


As soon as you walk in you will sense tranquility and a faint fragrance of essential oils. Our location is charged with high vibrations that make you feel relaxed and safe. Each session is different, but a few things remain the same for every client. When you arrive, there will already be soft music playing in the background. You will start by lying down on your back on a comfortable massage table, while remaining fully clothed. You can take your shoes off. A soft blanket is available if needed to keep you warm and cozy.

Benefits of Reiki

One of the greatest health benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities. It improves and maintains health. This spiritual energy, that penetrates the deepest level of being, enables the body to relieve itself of physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks. Reiki accelerates natural healing, and balances subtle body energies.  This practice aims to attain and promote wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.


  • Relieve Pain and Stress

  • Increase Energy & Stamina

  • Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

  • Overcome Insomnia

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Balance the Emotions

  • Calm and Relax the Mind & Body

  • Enhance Creativity & Productivity

  • Help Heal a Variety of Health Conditions by Balancing the Energy System

  • ...and much more !

Gift Certificates:

Distant Healing Worldwide

Global Reiki Healing is also known as Distant or  Absent  Reiki Healing. 

Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers. As a suitably attuned Reiki Master practitioner I can send the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to anyone or anything, anywhere in the world at any time.

It does not matter that I have never met the receiver or that I don’t even know what the receiver looks like. Please email or text me to set up time & date. 


We regulary provide Reiki to those who wish to receive Healing Energies by Touch in Hospitals, Medical and Rehab-Centers and throughout our community. Regular rates appply.

Community Service & Reiki On The Go!

We are enjoying serving people by providing     Reiki where circumstances call for immediate healing energy support  & spiritual encouragement.

We are offering the 'donate button' to the left  upon request of several people, who felt moved by our community  service and the difference they felt  Reiki made in their lives.

We are grateful and  gladly accept your financial support.

Past Reiki Engagements:

Dallas Medical Center, Webb Chapel, Dallas 75234
Madison on Marsh Nursing Home, Carrollton 75006
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas 75231
Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas TX 75235

Warnow Ranch  Reiki Workshop & Treatments Germany 
Hamburg, Germany 

Waxahachie, TX @ Private Ranch
Dallas Medical City Dallas , Dallas TX 75230
Methodist Charlton Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Princeton, New Jersey @ Private Event

Accel Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano, TX
Caddo National Grassland,  TX 75446 
UT Southwestern Medical Center ICU, Dallas, TX

The Meadows Health & Rehabilitation Center, TX

YMCA Camp Grady Spruce, Graford TX

Health Fair  G. Bannerman Dealey, 2015 & 2016

Wellness Expo Addison, TX 75001

YMCA Town North, Healthy Kids Day 4/2016 75243

YMCA Lake Highlands, Healthy Kids Day 4/2016

Diversicare at Lake Highlands, Dallas, TX 75238

Dallas Athletic Club Dallas, TX 75228

Cooper Dallas Texas 75230

5-Star Reviews:

"I was truly impressed with Astrid's gift of Healing. My job can be very stressful and as soon as she laid hands on me I immediately felt this power flow through me which removed my stress and lowered my blood pressure. Astrid is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone."  -  Michael O.

Astrid is an incredible energy therapist. I have visited Astrid twice and have seen wonderful results in my life after our visits. By no means do I - or her - believe that she is "the answer" to everyone's problems - but we both equally believe that she can help your energy and spirit become more aligned and harmonious.

"I have witness numerous positive changes in my life after meeting her and utilizing her services. Everyone has to actively participate in their own lives in order for good things to happen - but Astrid absolutely contributes to the sense of well-being, purpose, and light energy. I will continue to utilize Astrid's services and consider her a friend. Go see her!"  - Adam J.

"I had several Reiki sessions with Astrid and throughout each session I felt relaxed and peaceful. After our sessions, I was filled with energy. I had a very profound experience during our most recent session. While Astrid was working on my head I suddenly felt a tingling feeling in my left leg. It seemed that a block was cleared in my body and the energy started to flow freely throughout my body. After the session, I felt revitalized and energized for weeks. She also shared simple Reiki techniques I could use. These became very handy when I had sudden earache on my right ear while traveling. Applying the techniques I learned from Astrid, my earaches were gone in 15 minutes. If you are new to Reiki or skeptical about it, I encourage you to give it a try. The benefits of Reiki can be experienced regardless of your beliefs. Astrid’s kind and loving personality and gentle approach to healing sets her apart from other practitioners. I highly recommend her!"  - Barbara S.

"Astrid is amazing! You can feel the energy flow instantly but feel the healing effects for weeks after."  -   Summer P.


"I got the pleasure to meet Astrid several weeks ago. A very nice, gentle, sweet and professional person."  -  Alberto G.


"Astrid immensely helped one of our horses at Camp Grady Spruce! Abby the horse was sick - nasal/oral discharge, lethargic and not her normal self. Abby was relaxed during the session - usually she can be feisty but overnight, her whole demeanor changed! When I came and checked on her the next morning - the discharge was gone and she came up to get food! She was fighting the other horses off as well - so amazing to see the transformation and healing power of reiki! I recommend Astrid for your healing needs for animal or people!!       Thank you so much!"   - Jaime H.


"Amazing! You can feel it working instantly. I feel a release on the tension that was plaguing me before I went. Definitely a positive experience! Thank you Astrid!"  -   Marlyn W.


"Awesome Astrid!!! For anyone needed that "Divine Healing Touch", I highly recommend Astrid's work"  -  Henry S.


Great experience. You literally feel the energy and the vibrations. Definitely going back - Chantelle S.


Incredible experience. The best feeling ever. You made me feel very comftarble. Love it - Daisy M.

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